LANEIGE – Cream Skin Refiner (Toner & Moisturizer) 150ml

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Is it a toner? Is it a moisturizer? Guess what, it’s both! There is an entire jar of moisturizing cream inside this milky toner, thanks to Laneige’s secret “Cream Blending Technology”! With no irritants and no fragrances, this is an award-winning formula for sensitive skin! It features amino-acid-rich white tea leaf to give you a super boost of antioxidants, and to repair your skin’s natural barrier.

NOTE: This product is also known & labelled as “Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer” in western markets.

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Sold out



  • A moisturizing toner that nourishes your skin with melted cream.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Mild formula that helps calm irritated skin.
  • Offers long lasting moisturizing effect by filling your skin up with moisture.
  • Helps balance oil and moisture to give your skin a natural glow.


  • Following your AM/PM cleansing routine (at the toner stage of your routine), shake product onto your hands.
  • Apply onto entire face and pat gently into skin until absorbed.
  • If your skin is craving extra hydration, layer the product by reapplying.


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